Recognizing that the wounds of women are connected, our women’s retreats this year are dedicated to healing our collective wounds as women, reclaiming the sacred feminine and discovering what becomes possible when we have full access to our voices, power, wisdom, creativity, love and joy.

We are fortunate to be alive when the days of mistreating, demeaning and abusing women are coming to an end. As women, we are reclaiming our wholeness, our divinity, our power, our voices, our creativity and our hearts. As we embody the fullness of our being, we can create a New Story about who we are as women and discover, perhaps for the first time in thousands of years, what it’s like to live in a world that honors women.

Inspired by this realization and vision, in 2019 I will be offering four retreats in Northern California dedicated to the healing of women, both personally and collectively.  I’m delighted to co-create these retreats with other women who inspire me on this path.  Take one, or join us for all of them!




Women, come immerse yourself in the healing energy of forgiveness. This is a time for self-care and profound healing. Bring your greatest challenges. Leave with new tools and resources, and more love, wholeness, and inner peace than you may have imagined was possible!

During each retreat, you will learn a highly effective and comprehensive forgiveness process that can be applied to any type of conflict or painful situation. You will have the opportunity to apply these steps to your own life with lots of support. Attention is given to mind-body integration, to ensure lasting results. Whatever you are dealing with, you will discover how forgiveness can provide a pathway to profound peace.

Special 4-Part Series

New Year
January 18-20
Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine 

Eileen Barker,
Amanda Elo’esh & Lynn Lasner

Summer Solstice
June 21-23
Healing Core Wounds &
Inner Child

Eileen Barker, Anne Watts &
Zora Coeur de Roy

Fall Equinox
September 20-22

Eileen Barker, Julia Dvorin & Lynn Lasner

Winter Solstice
December 20-22
Earth/Womb and Ancestral Healing

Eileen Barker &
Zora Coeur de Roy


  • Decode strong emotions, and
    patterns and themes. 
  • Reconnect with your true self
  • Heal core wounds
  • Release anger and resentments
  • Form bonds with other women
  • Open a doorway for lasting resolution
  • Align yourself with your higher self and purpose
  • Reclaim inner peace, joy, freedom and
  • and much much more

Examples of issues women have healed in these retreats:

  • Grappling with abusive ex
  • Emotional/physical neglect by parent
  • Unfair family dynamics
  • Difficult relationship with adult child
  • Critical and rejecting in-laws
  • Overbearing and intrusive parent
  • Emotionally dependent parent
  • Hostile sibling
  • Outrage at world events and feeling powerless

This is much more than just another workshop. 
It is an opportunity to heal your life.

This is the first method in my life that I have ever come across that has laid out a method step-by-step that works! Today for the first time I was able to forgive myself from the pain of my past experiences. That is SO powerful! Kirsten Boyd

We all have “something” we need to let go of.  What are you waiting for?


EILEEN BARKER is an internationally acclaimed forgiveness teacher and coach.  Eileen has led numerous forgiveness retreats at the Esalen Institute and elsewhere in the U.S. and Europe, and provided individual coaching to hundreds of individuals. Eileen is the founder of The Path of Forgiveness and the Forgiveness Training Institute. In 2016, Eileen was recognized by the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance as a “Champion of Forgiveness,” along with Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Training with Eileen Barker offers a rare opportunity to encounter yourself and others more fully.  Her seminars are infused with humor, real-world examples, thought-provoking exercises and a wealth of knowledge gleaned from her years of experience as a mediator. I was impressed with Eileen’s remarkable capacity to create experiential learning opportunities that allowed those in attendance to journey through significant impasses.  Jaimee Karroll

 Wonderful Co-Creators:

Amanda Elo’esh
Living Wisdom School 

Anne Watts
HAI Facilitator &
Inner Child Expert

Julia Dvorin
Fly Your Freak Flag High

Lynn Lasner
Embodying The Feminine 

Zora Coeur de Roy

These are non-residential retreats which will take place in Corte Madera, CA
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Each weekend begins Friday at 11 a.m. and ends Sunday by 2:00 p.m

  Fee includes materials and snacks.

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  • Spaces are held on a first come first served basis, on receipt of payment and a completed registration form.
  • Prior to the close of the early registration deadline, payments will be refundable less a $75 processing fee. 
  • After the close of early registration, payments will be non-refundable unless the retreat is cancelled. With at least 30 days’ notice prior to the retreat, your registration can be transferred to another retreat in the series.
  • If for any reason the retreat is cancelled, we will offer you full refund of all payments, but we cannot reimburse travel expenses. Accordingly we recommend that you purchase travel insurance for any airfare or other non-refundable travel arrangements.