Welcome to the Path of Forgiveness

Himalaya by Jarl ForsmanThe Path of Forgiveness offers a pathway for anyone who is suffering from a challenging or long-standing conflict. Forgiveness creates “a new possibility.” It provides a way to move forward from life’s most difficult injuries. It offers a sanctuary of peace and a chance to restore a sense of wholeness.

  • Forgiveness frees you from being tied to past events.
  • Forgiveness allows you to release toxic feelings.
  • Forgiveness empowers you to love and trust again.
  • Forgiveness is essential for your health and happiness

You don’t do this for the other person … you do it for yourself.

Are You Ready to Forgive? Many people realize they need to forgive, and want to forgive, but don’t know “how.” This is the essence of The Path of Forgiveness – to show you how to forgive, step by step, starting from wherever you are. The first step is to click one of the links below—the one that sounds most like what you are seeking.

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