Welcome to the Path of Forgiveness

The Path of Forgiveness:
Return to Love

February 11-16, 2018  ♥   Esalen, Big Sur CA

Intended for anyone seeking to forgive or learn about forgiveness, the class will work with both forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self. Attention will be given to mind-body methods and integration to ensure lasting results. Bring your greatest challenges and move toward more resourcefulness, love, connection, and inner peace than ever before.

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HimalayaWhy Forgiveness Matters

Forgiveness frees you from being tied to the past.

Forgiveness allows you to release toxic feelings.

Forgiveness empowers you to love and trust again.

Forgiveness is essential for your health and happiness.

You don’t do this for the other
person …
you do it for yourself.

Are You Ready to Forgive?  Many people want to forgive, but don’t know “how.”  This is the purpose of The Path of Forgiveness – to show you how to forgive – starting wherever you are.

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